Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wall Angle

 I haven't posted to this blog for ages. Anyway, I got in the mood to paint and I thought I would do a little demo for those interested, who would like to see how to do some of this Folk Art, as its not that  hard at all, and also tell you a bit about this Prolific Artist who died many years ago

This angel may look complicated but she is not hard if you know a little stroke work. There are books on the market that can teach you that. I would recommend, "Jackie Shaw" books, for beginners, for the basics.

Folk Art or Decorative Painting consists of basecoat, highlight, shading and strokework.

I have many many wood cut outs from my painting and show days. This is one of them.

The pattern I will be using is one by Joyce Howard which is very rare and hard to find. Joyce published 6 books in her liftime, one of them a quilting book with painted blocks and I think that will be my very next project. I have wanted to do that for years.

Joyce also published very few patterns. A dickens series ( I found a set in Washington many years ago at a close-out). The only other Patterns would be ones in the posession of students of Joyce. I was not one of the fortunate ones to take classes from her as I hadn't started to paint then. I am fortunate to have friends who have  shared with me tho. I have bought and begged and borrowed for years. I now own all six of her books and a few of her patterns and I am finally happy lol.

This angel is just called, Wall Angel and measures 18.5 X 15 or so.

To begin, the wood piece must be sealed and then basecoated with acrylic paints and I am using Decoart Americana  paint. I basecoat, let dry and lightly sanded and basecoated two more coats and let cure 24 hours.

The pattern must be traced onto tracing paper (transparent) and then positioned on the wood piece and taped at the top in just a couple spots, graphite is slipped under the traced pattern and only the main areas traced and blocked in with colors as per instruction.

As I block the entire angle in I will put a pic up and so on..the picture above is the Pattern Picture. 

This is the pattern. It must be traced onto tracing paper.

Here the pattern is traced on with graphite paper. 

Here is the angel all blocked in. Now I have to trace all the strokework and flowers on and start to paint those.

For the strokework pattern, I just trace lines for directions of the strokes and the brush and paint does the strokework. Most of the florals are also strokwork, where the brush is loaded with a couple colors and applied. I will post as I go along and try to show some of it.

I just finished the Wall Angel. This is the painted stage. After 24 hours, it will get a coat of glazing medium, that has to dry and then, I will antique it and flyspeck it. I will use black and white for the specking and will post another pic. Flyspecking brings the open areas together.

I just notice that I didn't put the white flower centers in lol. 

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Primsandroses said...

I have this pattern too.............prob got it from you!!! LOL I want to paint it this year, maybe I can do 2, one to keep and one to sell!!! I LOVE JH projects. karan