Friday, December 30, 2005

I had such a good time doing Melody's pattern that I decided to do another one today. This one is called Garden Cat. I don't travel much anymore so my chances of taking a class with her are almost nill. So I figure if I do at least 3 projects one after the other, I'll get the hang of it lol. The next one will be her tulip pattern. I left the best for the last lol.

There were a lot more flowers but I always change things ...for instance I like I put some in and took some flowers out. The tree to left sort of disappeared in this pic but it's there and some of that free space will disappear when the binding goes on. When it is quilted it will really look super. Here is another view. It's just fused right on to the batting. I will quilt it like a regular quilt with the backing and then bind it.

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