Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is a big ugly cement frog that somebody threw out. I have had him for a year I think. Hubby thought it would be cute to put him on my painting tables to get my attention. He said that maybe I could give him a touch up and make him pretty like the I said ok. I have cleaned him and tomorrow I will patch him up and then I will make him pretty.

Today was another fine day to paint fabric. This is an unprimed canvas again and I decided to use the fabric sparkle paints for this project. The paints are Deco Americana shimmering pearls. I wet the canvas down and then I poured gold all over it and brushed it out. Some of the canvas is hanging down, I should have joined the tables ..Too late...

Then I took some orange, red, fushia and made some arcs and stuff..

Now what?

Ok, let do this.. make some black thingys...I think I'm going for a universe look....

More thingys...

I then added more color around the thingy and defused them with more gold and other colors and misting as I needed it. It was getting dark so I brought it inside and layed it on my studio floor. I put lots of gold and sheer glitter all over it. This photo doesn't do it justice. Tomorrow I'll take a pic outside and repost.

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