Sunday, April 02, 2006

I decided to paint black fabric today. Well, so I said. I couldn't find black paint so I started mixing blues and reds and browns etc. and making mud. Is it soup yet?

Here is my wonderful set-up lol. I have some well painted plastic on the table. My intention today is to burn out several of those jars of paint and be rid of them. Well I managed to use up about six of them today or more ...I lost count..

There! nice soup and it looks dark, so we shall see.....

I put up my plastic horses in the yard and put my colorful boards on them. I have been using these board to paint my fabric on and one of these days they will be master pieces. lol

Oh gee, I feel like a german house fru. I have my wet fabrics in the basket. It reminds me of my days in germany as a child. We used to take the white clothes to the (Veese spell) or just green open fields by a stream and lay the white clothes on the grass to bleach in the sun. We would wet them over and over with a watering can.

This is what came out of that dark color..sort of a med to dark mottled teal. I like it a lot. I'll wash it in a few days.

Then I found the black and decided to make chocolate brown and I did and when they dried I didn't like them so I wet them down and made a rusty brown black mottled and I like that better. I had to bring them inside and put them on the studio floor on plastic..they'll survive.

Then I just had to make some bright. So I did oranges, amethist, rose, yellow ...

Somehow blogger will not upload my last two pictures. I'll try again tomorrow.

Ok, I made the files smaller and it worked....


dee said...

Hi Rosy, I agree-all Rosies are fabulous folks. I made the hot cross buns and am holding an empty plate with crumbs up to the screen-can you see where they used to be?In your first picture is that rosemahling(sp?) in the background. I love that stuff. Must be the northern European influence in me. My Oma was from Dusseldorf and I was born in Augsburg. The fabric will be great when you finish because you're very talented and a great cook, too. Have fun, Dee

Rosy said...

Oh I'm so glad you made the buns Dee. Yes the pic in the back is sorta rosemaling the easy kind lol. I have other more detailed ones. I do all sorts of folk art when the mood strikes. Right now it's painting fabric lol.


Elle said...

I like to paint my fabric too. It's something about creating your own colors.