Monday, December 25, 2006

Hi Everyone, just popped in to say hello. I will return soon. Just getting some things ready to paint and sew and I'll be back to normal in no time lol.

In the meantime I am cooking up a storm..Here is a huge pot of meat sauce. I will will making ravioli and knoces and lasanga, so I''ll need lots of sauce. I also made a "Tres Leches" cake and it is yummy. At the moment it is still soaking in the milks.

I then made the ravioli and some pasta (all home made now) and after I made 6 ravioli, I decided, nope! I'm not doing all this when lasanga taste the same and less work hahahaha....anyway we ate all the pasta before I could take a pic.
Here is a pic of the Panettone...

And that little rude Teddy dog. He belongs to my son and is visiting and he wants to beat everyone up we have him in Teddy care...which is a fenced off area that he can't get out of, in my now he just glares at the other dogs through the

I told my son that Teddy Care can be expensive lol....well more cooking will go on tomorrow. I hope to make an apple strusel from my German side of the family and something I have always associated with Christmas. If I have time I will also try some lebkuchen....

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