Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have joined a wonderful quilt group in cyber, at the Fons and Porter website and we are doing a, "quilt along" challenge. Here are some of the blocks that we have made so far. Each month you are told where to go to get the block. They are all going to be 12 inch blocks.

This one is a crazy that I threw in while playing catchup..just using my scraps.

This is another of my crazies....notice the cat behind the fish...I have this wierd sense ...hahahah
Ok this is block number 3..Flies in the barn. I don't have them in order. I am doing all this out of my scap bin. The bin is actually going down. I have already made three quilts out of it....and still going.

This one is Clays Choice....#1. I am just keeping the background the same to tie all the blocks together in the end.

This is Annie's Choice....#2

#4 is Silver Lane...

#5 is
Blazing Arrows. I have put it together wrong but it will stay that way lol...I have designed a new block lol.....

I have three more blocks to make to get caught up and I will do those tomorrow. All the while I'm whipping out crazies...I have done8 crazies today, besides the three for the challenge...this is Mother's day weekend and I'm doing what I want.
On the crazy block. I am putting in a center focus, like a cat a fish or a piece of hand painted fabric and then work around that ....

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