Friday, March 14, 2008

Here is my patch of Orange Marmalade. I had to open one and taste it with my new patch of Artisian bread that I make every two days lol. I never stick to any recipe, that's why you see the stuff in it. I grind the flax seed and add and then some sunflower seeds, a few golden raisens and I think this one has some cranberries.

In the back you see some Spelt four, rye and stone ground wheat and you know I am going to continue to mess with that Artisian recipe some more lol. I also mix it differently. Instead of mixing in 6 cups of four, I do four so I can add my stuff later, while the mixing is still in the easy stage. I let it rise two hours or so and put it in the frig overnignt. Next day I throw in my stuff and the other 2 cups of four and let it rise again and put it back in the frig sometimes....or make a loaf.

I have to thank Fibermania for that wonderful, no-knead recipe and so on. I also save money as I spend about 3.00 a loaf for good bread from the bakery and my bread is soooo much better with home made

I think I will have to make another batch of orange marmalade. This batch looks a bit small and while I still have oranges on the trees and hubby willing to pick and wash them.

I use sure-jell and the recipe is right in the box. It's not hard. So now we have Kumquat, Orange, Guava, Strawberry, Cranberry in the pantry.

I am still busting my chops on the broad spiral knit socks in that sock book. I am working the short rows for the heel turn. She says to inc after the sl st and then the usual dec at the end of the short row and turn. Sl, inc and so on. If you do that, you never arrive at the 14 stitches you are supposed to be left with as you are inc before each of the last two repeat rows....I may be new to knitting but this certainly doesn't make sense. Anyway, to hell with it. I did the heel without the inc's and came out with the 14 stitches. I still have to wonder what the deal is though. Here is a pic of the devil spiral sock top...

Here is the heel turn, it looks small.
I went to the library yersterday in search of knitting and found these books. I have already maked some uniqued patterns for copying.

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