Sunday, March 30, 2008

I have reached knitting Nirvana finally!! The light has come on and I can see at last. I am knitting Jared’s Hemlock Ring and I am delirious!! You non knitters may laugh but let me tell you, it doesn’t get any better than this. What was that saying about the soul of an artist? Yeh, well, in this case it all pertains to the creative within. That’s where the high is.

Allow me to explain: I am a beginner knitter and have always wanted to really learn how. I mean the hard stuff. Some weeks ago I discovered Brooklyntweed, the blog of Jared and Hemlock Ring, Na Craga etc. I went nuts. I just had to make that HR. I trolled the web like a hooker

in search of instruction. I joined a Yahoo group. I downloaded any and everything I could find and put in all in my binder. Then I proceeded to read and was so lost.

I read for days. Then I decided to jump in and to hell with everything. I knitted into the wee hours of the morning (try 4am). I ripped and reknitted and ripped some more. I was beside myself. And then it happened, suddenly, I knew how to go about it and understood everything. I am on row 31 and just a few more rows to 46 , where I have to switch to Jared’s chart. I think I’ll be ok lol.

Jared took an antique doily and modified it to make a throw, knitting it with eco wool and it is just stunning. He made it larger and offers the chart he made to help and if you are an experience knitter who can read charts, you are lucky lol. The link is below. I can't seem to make it come up here for some reason lol.

Jared's link

Here is what I have done so far. It looks like a lump of poop but it is correct. I count every row to make sure of it and have now marked the points. The bump you see in the middle is ok. It will flatten out when it is blocked. I will have to do some research on blocking. Jared’s looks like it’s ironed. I will keep you updated as I knit along. If anyone is doing this HR, please feel free to add some comments or tips.

On a sofer note (since I'm so hyped on the HR). I have finally taken all my angels down and given them a bath and installed them all around the ceiling in the reading room (guest room for people I love). Here they are getting washed and rinsed.

Here they all are ready for a hanging lol.

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