Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ok, I edited and cleaned up the box designs.

I will be going to Puerto Rico Aug. 1st to the 5th to teach some painting seminars. Here is the Flyer, in Spanish of course but you can join us anyway, Painting is a universal language. They will be doing all sorts of crafts. Jewely, Scapbooking etc.

That flyer is supposed to be yellow but blogger likes to change the colors lol. Anyway, I will be teaching for the Americana DecoArt Company. I designed these four bentwood boxes. for one of the seminars. I just have the tops painted and they are not on the actual box (the boxes haven't arrived yet lol). These are card stock cut to the size of the boxes. I have to go to the other pc to upload the files so hang in there.

These designs are painted using a multi load technique and are geared to a beginner, so anyone can join this seminar.

This is another seminar of picture frames. A wide one and a slim one. Bow and buds.

The paintings will be a bit messy as I design as I paint, so things are over painted and changed etc. until I get the basic design. Then I will trace it off and clean it up for when it goes on the actual surface. I CLEANED UP.

Sometimes I will omit or add things in the final pattern. I just like to get a basic idea of what I want. If you don't enlage it, you won't see the messy lol.

Folk Rose and wild roses etc.

You can turn those frames any way you want them. They are also cut out of cardstock.

This is another Seminar, using DecoArt SO-SOFT fabric paints. Push flowers on a canvas bag.


HElen said...

Beautiful work! Your students ill learn a lot! You are doing wonderful job!

Rosy said...

Thank you Helen.

Anonymous said...

Nice dispatch and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.