Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ok, I was up in the Carolina mountains for two week and what an enjoyable time that was. My friend Elaine and I drove up to Burnsville where our other friend, Shirley has a cabin.

We quilted, made custom pillow cases, I made doll clothes and blocks and cooked etc.

Here is a pic of the slopes that I walked up and down every day.

I had two friends who accompanied me everyday. Going down the mountain wasn't bad but coming up was another deal. I would have to stop and breathe and the dogs would run up and wait until I reached them and then run up and wait until we all got back. Then I would sit on a rock like a toad and relax for a few and give my new friends a treat. I can't decide who they liked best, me or the treats. I never found out their names, I called them puppy. If I wanted to see them, I would yell out puppy, puppy and they would come tearing down their mountain lol.

I was told that these dogs were abused and they didn't go to anyone easily. Here is what awaited me every morning when I opened the door. The bottom pic is a view going down to town.

My friend Shirley is such a kind and generous soul. She made us each a handbag and a bear. Here is Jackson. The pic got exposed a bit but I have better pics of Jackson. He must be about 32 to 34 inches tall. He is made out of mohair and he is just stunning and elegant. I tied one of my painted wooden doll beads around his neck. He likes dolls. He looks great in my dinning room chair doesn't he? lol

Here is one of the dolls she gave me. Head, arms and legs porcelain and body cloth. I think her name is Kahlie.

Here is Jackson and Kahlie. He likes Kahlie.

This is Hilary, she is another present from my friend Shirley. I took the clothes I made for her off so I can sew the buttons and snaps on. I will post pics of her dressed, later.

Here is a close up of Hilary. Shirley is a beautiful face painter.

This is Jennifer, another present from my friend Shirley. She is also a large doll. I will wig and dress her later. Shirley supplies all the wigs, shoes and accessories too....don't hate me. I can't help it if I'm sweet. lol.

I love the pigion toe look. Her legs can be made straight too. Here is a close-up of her lovely face.

More later.....


Karen said...

Good grief you hit the motherlode!! Lucky you!! Love the bear and the dolls are great too!!


great work.......thx for showing us