Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Glazed Door

So you want to make a pretty door? here are some easy steps into that little venture. First get the retired hubby to help you take the door down. Well it's just two pins really. De-dust and sandpaper roughly, just a lick and a promise. De-dust again. I mixed sort of a flesh color (americana bottled acrylics). I added some sealer to the paint and started painting the six pannels in the middle of the door first. It's important to go with the grain of the wood. Just slush the paint on quickly into all the crevices (with the 1.00 brush from Michaels) and then lightly blend the paint with brush with the grain. Some of the paint will get outside the pannels, just go ahead lightly bush that paint with the grain. Here is the door with the pannels painted. Make sure to pick off the few hairs that fall from the cheap brush lol.

Here is the door all basecoated. Now while that is drying in the sun (most beautiful sunny day in Longwood Fl today, I'm in front of the garage). I went inside and basecoated the door frame and baseboards, oh this is in my shower, a real small deal. Now back outside and I applied the second coat to the door the same way as the first coat. I always put on two nice coats.

Doesn't it look pretty? it won't be that color once the glaze goes on though.

While I was in the painting mood and needing a little cupboard to put my yarn in and I have just the place for it in my bedroom. Well one of my bedrooms. Hubby and I sleep in all the rooms lol. One is for winter and one for summer. I took some white-lightning (sealer for decorative art, also one can do a pickled look with it). I added some burgundy to it to get a color that I call a ho pink (for lack of a better word lol). I sealed the entire cupboard with it. The little cupboard is custome made out of pine, has three shelves and a little drawer, real cute.

The door and the top of the cupboard I just put the plain white lightning the door will have scene on it. Now the all these will cure for 24 hours. At which time I will glaze the door and put the basecoat on the outside of the little cupboard, which will be a wine color. In the inside back of the cupboard I will glue victorian calendar pictures later. I will post pictures as I do more to the projects.

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