Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hi and good morning. I did some fun stuff last night. I made some doll body jewelry. If you do any of the Patti Medaris Culea dolls, you will see that she puts lots of jewelry or beading on some of her dolls. I love the beaded dolls but I am lazy ok? lol. Thank goodness I paint and have access to many wonderful products. I will show you the lazy and fun way to make some body jewelry for your dolls. I used "DecoAmericana" products. Here is a link for lots of information. I used: Fashion Sequins (comes in about 14 beautiful pastel colors), Craft Twinkles, Craft Twinkles Writer, Fashion beadz, Diamond dust, So Soft Dementional Glitter Writer, Glittering Topcoat (for fabric), Paper Perfect Accents, Starlight Topcoat (for hard surfaces) Tripple Thick Brilliant Gloss Glaze (for wood). Plastic palette knife, corsage pin, flat fabric brush.

Now bear in mind that I have a lot of product in front of me and I just grab and do. I will tell you what I used in each design as we go along. I will try to remember lol.

Lay a piece of scrap muslim on freezer paper or a piece of plastic. We are ready to design. Take one of the CTW (craft twinkles writer), Sometimes I make an outline on the muslim and sometimes I don't. Here I used the silver and just made an outline freehand. I would then plop with a Plastic palette knife) different colors of the some FB (fashion beadz), then I would add some plops of CTW or CT. Take the corsage pin or straight pin and kinda guide it where you want it to go.

On this board to the bottom left is a stencil of a heat that I filled with blue fashion beadz. Besides that is a star of beadz and a small green heart above. The brooch type tingy is just FB plopped down and CT and CTW. I didn't outline this one fist. I just added some outside lines after.

On this board, I cut out some stencils of circles out of the thin foam you can get at Michaels and filled them with FB and then used the So Soft Glitter Writer around it. All the other are the same deal ..FB, CT, DTW.

Here is a close up of one. You can see the beads packed in. I would sprinkle some diamond dust on top.

I really like this one. The pic doesn't do it justice. After I gaudied it up real good, I sprinkled some of glittery stuff that comes from the DecoArt, Paper Perfect line, diamond dust too. This one has a lot of beads too.

I was beginning to like outlining, It allowed me to do just about anything funky.

This one is really going to look great on the dolls leg or arm. Like a tattoo. This one was outlined in CTW black then in SS Glitter Writer. The entire inside was filled with CT and CTW and a few beads. It will take 24 house to dry and about three day to totally cure as they are real thick. I have them out in the sun right now. You can then cut around them and glue the hem in the back or just wait until you are ready to use them and sew them or on and tuck the hem in. You can use these emblishments on the body, or clothing or the hair or they can be worn on the forehead like a flapper. But don't stop there. Put them on purses, art quilts etc.

These are pigion wooden eggs cut in half. I put a drop of the Fashion Sequins Writer in the middle and added other colors and just let it move to where it wanted. Every now and then I would take the pin and go around the bottom to remove the excess and slide it on a clean piece of freezer paper. I only had to do it twice. It has an opal look to it doesn't it? I added the accents and diamond dust. Then I did the other one more gaudy lol....dry at least 24 hour. I coated these with the StarLight topcoat and then with the Tripple Thick Brilliant Glaze.

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