Saturday, June 09, 2007

Roxanne is finally done. I got sidetracked with Percy. You remember Roxanne is a Patti Madaris Culea design and I was working on her some time ago. Here is the full length view of her. Notice the rings on her fingers. Savoroski (spell) crystal, no less. The baubbles hanging from her waist are handed painted beads that I had painted when I was in the wooden bead painting fit, remember? On her dress, I put some of the Fashion beadz from the Deco Art line. I love that stuff. You just smear it on, the glue dries clear and you have all these lovely beads.

Here is a close up. Observe the necklace that I made her, as you know I have enough beads to open a store lol. The hair was a find. This lovely yarn comes from Italy. It is a mix of 75% wool,22% acrylic and 3% poly. Just the right mix. It sold for 6 bucks for 1.76 oz. (50g) I got in on sale for 2.00. I bought it in a bunch of colors and I'm not telling you because the last time I told you about the zodiac fabric, you all rushed out and bought every yard and then I couldn't get anymore of it...I will tell you where it is after I decide if I want more first ahhahahahahah....I unraveled some of the strands in the front to give her a wind blown look. Notice the white goul behing Roxanne? He will be a prop with my next project, "the goblin Princiss" also a pattern by Patti.

Here is a back view. Check out the Seminole Indian chief "Micanopy". The little town of 700 that hubby and visited a week ago was named after him.

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