Thursday, June 28, 2007


I saw this real cute fabric a few weeks ago and couldn't resist getting it and making a bag of some sort as I know of a deserving nurse.
In the first pic is the stiffening, the fabric which comes 12 nurses to a panel and the lining and coordinating fabric.

In the bottom half of the pic. I have added strips of coordinationg fabric all around the four block panel and this will be the depth of the bag. I am making it envelope style. I made two panels and ironed the stiffening onto the backs

In top half of this pic, I have made the handles with the stiffening and added the CF to the top of the lining. I added strips to exta nurses for the inside pockets and lined them. I sewed those on the lining.
In the bottom half, I have sewed the handles on.

I sewed the sides up and did the same for the lining and then sewed those together right sides etc. I then ironed the shape of the bottom and sides and they will stay like that permantely .

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Thanks for writing this.