Monday, July 26, 2010

The Colorful Quilt Block F & H

Block F was a little block. I made it the other day. Here are the parts.

I am going to make a freezer paper pattern of the star part like I have been doing. The outer ring I will leave as is and PP and just leave enough extra for the 1/4 inch seams.

Here is the ring on the map, ready to be put into the main quilt. Next I will put the star in, after I mark everything.

I only pinned this part of the quilt up in order to place the ring in. I then put the star in and that block was done.

Then I tackled Block H or area H which was a lot of work, two days straight sewing.

I pp the star part and then just pp right on the pattern pieces. See where I have left the extra fabric for the seams?

Here are the parts all pp and ready to put the area together. I have cut the background pieces and the border that is going in this piece.

To the left of the purple star is section H. I was able now to sew the D block in permanently. This is the right side.

This is the wrong side the way it fits on the map. I ripped out the bottom left as I didn't like the way it hung. I will fix that later. I only have one more section and one more block to do.

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