Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Four Cats

I had every intention of starting on section E yesterday lol. I got side tracked with a quilt I saw on the quilt board. I guess I am still not ready to tackle another section, maybe today.

I saw this quilt of cats. Four cats joined by a block of Snail's Trail Block and I loved it (I distract easily) and it looked simple enought to pass the time and take a break from the Colorful One lol.

I made one block which consists of 4 cats and one Snail's Trail Block. You have to make X amount of ST and X amount of cats and then join in rows to get this quilt  here

As for Secton E on the Colorful one, I got as far as this. Here you can see that I have cut the patterns out for that section. I have seperated the pp parts, the background parts, and the plain  parts.

First I will do all the paper piecing parts, these are the most work intensive, then cut out all the plain parts and then the background parts. Then I will read her line by line instructions and start putting that section together and adding it to the existing quilt. I do go and pin the parts on the map to get the correct markings of what goes where and continue to do that with everything and lastly, take the quilt down and add the section to it. Since I cut out the patterns right from the copy, I have to make sure that I keep 1/4 seam allowance on everything.


Quiet Quilter said...

Oh, the cat tails are so CUTE! You needed a break and this fills the bill.

Quiltilicious said...

That cat quilt is really cute. Thanks for the link.

It's taking all my willpower to continue quilting the piece I'm working on instead of starting to piece another top. I understand completely about needing a break from a Big Project.

Loving your progress posts, too :)