Friday, July 30, 2010

The Colorful Quilt Section J

Section J is done and here is a work up so far.

I left the wrong side up. Here you can see all the parts for that section. All the pp is done first, then the background pieces are cut and any other pieces of the patterns.

Here are the peices on the right side all ready to be put together according to the instructions.

here is the block all put together for half of that section.

Now I pin that part on the map and match all the marks. As you can see, the other part of J on the right.

Here the other section is sewed on. This is the wrong side of the quilt and as you can see I am almost done. Just one more small block to do.


Quiet Quilter said...

Hope you are going to keep that when you finish. But what a stunning present! (My b'day is coming up in a little more than a few weeks!)

Rosy said...

Lol, Oh yes it will stay with me for a while. I have finish it last night with the last block.