Sunday, March 11, 2007

The beginnings of a crazy quilt lol. Lots of cast away fabric scraps and a mess. All thrown on a sheet and everywhere...but that's how it goes if you want to must have a visual.
Crazy quilting is a very unorthodox way of sewing. I am a perfectionist in the sewing department, all seam match etc. you know. Anyway crazy quilt is the crazy in me and it is really art in fabric and in art, Anything is everything and that must be the reason I like it. I get to stray away from the norm.

Ok, I had this outfit I had painted years ago for the Las Vegas fabric painting show and I didn't win. Anyway, it was a lot of work painting these peacocks, so I decided to cut them out of the vest and crazy them. Here is what I have so far. Well at 3 am this morning hahahahhahahaha.

Look over to the left of the quilt above. I will do something of interest over there. Because I'm designing the quilt as I go, I must be careful not to put too many big pieces in there, so I will start to put little piece together seperately and then add them to the quilt until it is square. If you notice some areas are lots of little piece put together first before adding. I have four of those peacocks, so if this turns out good, I will continue to design as I work and will gain lots of experience. I am learning as I'm doing it and that is the best part about the whole deal, here is a close up.
I will keep you posted as I progress..

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