Monday, March 12, 2007

Well, Spring has sprung in this house today. I started in the middle room which is our reading room or guest room. Never have any of those lol...anyway, I take everything out and go through everything and of course all the quilts came out. I have thought about rolling my quilts on long rollers ever since I saw Judy Martin do that to her quilts on her website. I thought what a neat idea.

Of course hers are rolled on wooden rollers and look very nice and decorative. After I counted 36 quilts 30 of them totally finished. I thought there is no way I'm going to spend all that money on rollers. So hubby had brought me home, last year, mind you, these long cardboard rollers that large amounts of damask fabric comes on. They are very strong and hardy. The company throws them away. I checked out the price for little rollers and almost fainted. So for free, take! hahahahah....

I piled all the quilts in a corner and I think I'm going to like that. Now I can see what I have just by looking and not having to take down and unfold..besides no more folds, which they say is bad for any quilt.

Now if you like that idea and would like to do it..just check with Joann's or any fabric store and see if they will let you have the roller when the fabric is done...

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