Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I love crazy quilts...I started to make some blocks two days ago from by bag of left over scraps. We all have scraps right? I just started to upload pics in no paticular order so it goes faster. Below is what I've done at this point. I have now made 20.

I started inserting cat pics as I went along and really liked it. Cats are so cute in quilts's like they belong there.

This cat is from yard goods I had bought long ago when I was making my crazy cat-coat. The yardage has about 4 different cats and they are the best. I wish I had bought more of that fabric...well we all know that story.

Here is another fabric of quaint cats. Imagine these are all scaps that normally get thrown out. I am making a quilt out of nothing. Oh and Ms Mel's hand dyed scraps are in there too.

Here's a real jazzy cat.

This was the first block I did. Well I made 4 in all before I decided to add the cats.

Well so far so good. I will post the entire quilt when I get in done.

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