Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am still in the crazy mood and here is a new project. I bought the signs of the Zodiac a couple months ago and decided to crazy them this weekend. I actually started lasted night and only stopped because I promised myself to go to bed at a reasonable hour lol. Befow are the first two blocks. I was trying out the dryer sheets.

Then I seamed four dryer sheets togethers and put a zociac somewhere and crazied around it. Here are eight block 11x17 with 8 signs already done. I think I also did two of these last night, so I must have done 6 today.
Here is a close-up of four.

Another close-up of the other four.

I am using all my scaps and doing them any which way. It is totally mindless and as I sew, I create areas on the side and add them to the block. I sew strips together or use leftover strips form other projects...this is really a fun thing...guess I'm still crazy lol.....

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