Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ahhh I was painting in my backyard today. I took the door off the bathroom and painted it outside on two horses. It's easier that way. I then painted the baseboards and soon I will have the finished pics up. I have finished my Christmas quilt except for the binding. I have been working real hard on both of these projects and will have pics up of both soon. Meanwhile I will entertain you with some more stuff around the house. Attic windows.

This is Ocean Waves. All done with logs, the log cabin style.

Sunbonnet Sue. This was a round robin at my guild. The one I used to belong to.

Ahhhh..Bugs in a jar. I'm sure everyone has done one of these. This is one of my favorite quilts for sure.

A close-up of a bug..

Another close-up..

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