Sunday, November 06, 2005

I'm just going to start to paint fabric now so you won't see them until tomorrow. I can still entertain you with stuff around the house though lol. Here is a row of wooden block houses painted by a dear friend of mine.

This is the other side of the view.. and of course through the kitchen is my studio..just piled up with stuff to do lol.

Here is a christmas wooden wreath cut out that I painted some years ago. Actually, I never take it down. Am I bad or what?


Cindra said...

I think people think I am nuts when they visit. I have a miniature Christmas tree in my dining room that a friend made that is absolutely beautiful. It's there all year round. So is a Santa that she made (just a face with beautiful velvet and artificial fruit in the arrangement... sounds strange but it is wonderful. I don't think you are bad at all. I think you have a wonderful attitude.

Rosy said...

Hahah Thank you Cindra. If it make me happy it stays lol...