Friday, November 18, 2005

I have finished the christmas quilt and it's on my bed thank God!! It's was really a joyful work I must say. I keep going into the bedroom to look at it. All the fabric are christmas. I can't believe I had all those fabrics and still more to make two more quilts and I hope to do those before christmas. OH OH, looks like I'm going to have to put that skirt on the bed soon lol..

Here is a close up....

Another one... This quilt is called, " Shenandoah Log Cabin"

And!! I've also finished the bathroom ..all done for christmas... here you can see the floor and the glazed base board in contrast to the teal faux finished wall.

Another view... here you can see the glazed door and the towels and wall and the floor....

Another view.... I couldn't find a rug I liked so this beach towel folded in half is wild enough for me. How is it for you? lol. See bathroom can be fun to decorate. We spend a lot of time in there so we might as well be astheticzised (is that a word?)

Here is a better picture of my Cinco di Mayo..

A close-up of a block and quilting...

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