Monday, March 27, 2006

Aha, I finally got a good camera like Mrs. Mel lol. Sunday was a day to go drifting. In Belize, where I was raised we call a day that you go out all day and accomplish absolutely nothing, "drifting". I spent all my JoAnn's coupons and bought the wrong roc-lon muslin. As I drifted through the store very slowly picking up this and laying down that...trying to see if I could find something I didn't have. I did pick up some more beads and fixings as I'm going to make a few bead things sooner or later. I then went to Walmart and just happened to go by the camera department and low and behold they had a sale. A panasonic, 5 megapixels Lumix, 6x zoom..all for 167.00 or so. After I bought the camera and the card and tax, it came to about 206.00. Now that was a deal. Already I'm in love with my new toy.

Now I took a pic of the new cam with my old cam lol. I made a little bag for it immediately to protect the large LCD screen in the back. This was a scrap left from my butterfly quilt. I stuck in a piece of batting between the layers and sewed it up...made a hole in the side and pulled the strap through.

I checked out a few blogs and noticed that a few ladies are also doing scrap quilts with their tiny scraps. I call it modular quilting because the blocks are not really blocks but a single piece like: the Timble, apple core, clam shell and the octagon. Most of these are sewed by hand because they are small pieces and most are curvy. They are always a challenge to me to find a way to sew them on the machine. So far I've started a timble, an apple core and a clam shell...somewhere there is a piece I started with little tiny cotten reels, made in a very peculiar way. I will find it and post it and continue to work on these as I have quite a collection of scraps now. Oh all are done on the machine. If anybody has another scrap or modular pattern and would like to exchange with me, please do.

Pic with the new zoom camera of the scrap quilts..they are still in the small stages... this is the thimble..

Apple core, it's kinda a big. I think I would like it can see the clam shell in the background. I would like to be abel to use all my scraps as I make them. Just by adding them anywhich way to anyone of the scrap quilts and them have 3 or 4 quilts finished at one time all out of scraps. That would be fun.

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