Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I found lots of neat little blocks today for my scrap quilts. I forgot I have EQ, Dear Jane, Block Base, and three Shirley Libby paper piecing programs. And you can actually make any block smaller but I'm trying to stick to the one patch ones. I found a good thimble, a spool (I had called that a cotton reel yesterday), a flower pot, a triangle, a hexagon, small railway blocks from 1830 (I think that's what the pattern said or 1930?) and a 4 ins. Apple core. I am happy. Now I can add to my scrap quilts or start over with the new sizes. I like the small size.

Today was the last class for the Butterfly I was teaching at a new quilt shop...

The students were busily cutting and sewing. They finished a 1/4 of the butterfly today and will finish the rest at home..Notice the floor? We all seem to have it in one room or the other don't we?

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