Monday, January 23, 2006

I hate making salads but I love to eat them. I was so longing for a salad today and have not taken the required time to teach the newly retired hubby how to make it yet. He did clean up the mess I made though.

I used three kinds of lettuce, romaine and two other soft ones (not iceberg)...I took some of each (washed) put in spinner, spun and flung it in a bowl. I have a little chopper and into that little chopper I fung one at a time and in turn, you gussed it, flung them with the lettuce. ..and they were...2 apples, 3 stalks of celery, one entire cuke, 1 and 1/2 slices of pineapple left over from my garden of pines, 2 carrots, a bit of sweet onion, 3 very large navel oranges from my orchard of 5 orange trees, (I cut them in 4, trim off the fronts, cut underneath each wedge, chop chop in three and yeh, fling..juice too). some crumbly white cheese my jewish friend gave. I don't know what it's called but it's so good..a few walnuts crumbled...(notice: no tomatoes! I refuse to pay top dollar for bad quality)..Then I made the dressing (I do not buy prepared dressing) olive oil and wine venigar and some italian seasoning a tiny bit of brown sugar...The salad was delicious. I made enough for two days, maybe three.

Tonight I watched Master Piece Theatre while knitting (I have taken to that habit suddenly hmmmm). This episode is in six parts called ...Blight House...ohhhh I did enjoy the first episode...can't wait for next week (I hate that).

I made some eggnog biscuits the other day...I made biscuits and just put the eggnog instead of milk in it, thats all lol...hey it could happen and they were good ..eating one right now ....


Mrs. Mel said...

I so agree about the eating/making salad business plus teaching the retired husband to do it.
I can't believe that delicious sounding salad will still be eatable on day two. Won't the lettuce be limp, or worse, slimy?

Rosy said...

Hey Mrs.Mel, I didn't put the dressing on the entire it stays pretty good. The soft lettuces seem to hold up slime. We just had some, it's still good. We will finish it today for sure.