Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What do you do with left over meat sauce? You make pizza of course. I make a real herby dough. I put italian seasoning, sweet basil, oragano, salt, black pepper, sea salt (that's the only salt I use) red italian pepper seeds. And here we rolled out the dough. Here you can see the herbs in the dough.
I made three. I know the boy is going to smell the pizza and coming to get his. Here are two ready to go in. I bake most everything that doesn't require a pan on my stone tingies. So now I have to wait 20 minutes to get a stone to put number 3 on.
Ahhhh look at these yummies.

And a close up.....

I had some of everything left. A little dough, some sauce etc. I had some summer sausage from the gift basket which I cut up. I rolled out the left over dough. I oiled some foil with olive oil..put the circle of dough in...sprinkled it with parmasean cheese, piled the rest of the sauce and sausage and topped it with mozz. cheese and wrapped it up in the foil and baked for 20 min. Then opened the foil to let it brown...OMG, it was delicous!!!
I promptly named that puppy, "pizza calzon" and I have lots more sausage and can make quick sauce if I have to hahahahha...

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