Thursday, January 26, 2006

Mrs. Mel's Book

Mrs. Mel asks, "Where is my book?" she then goes on to say she has a free on line book that one can read and download anything for free. Sounds too good right? Well surprise! it's good and it's free lol. I didn't go to blogbinders. I just downloaded what I wanted and edited in word printed the pages on magazine quality paper and hole punched and put the pages in a 3 ring binder.

I enlarged the tulips and slipped it into the front plastic of the binder...behold!

This is the inside front cover. In the pocket on the left are extra pattern pieces and on the right is the latest lesson of today.

Inside the binder I have several lessons or information all seperated by a pink sheet. I will have to get some tabs. Here is the fushia lesson..

Here is another lesson in dyeing pastels...I even add the lovely colorful chairs and just things that I like of hers.

This is the inside back cover. I have the patterns in the pocket. There are quite a few lessons in there. A good reference to have at the tip of your finger just in case you are dyeing, fusing, or whatever.


Mrs. Mel said...

Thanks a million Rosy,
I should make a book like this too. Then I would remember not to repeat myself so much.

Cindra said...

What a great idea!