Monday, January 30, 2006

It's a gloomy, grey, wet and rainy day today. I finished cooking some soy chicken breast and all in one veggie....potatoes, carrots, celery and peas all cooked in very little water and seasoning and butter added. The chicken breast I had frozen and seasoned....I sliced it and stir fried in very little olive oil and then add the soy...delicious....

Oh and then half of my book order came. The knitting books for me to learn. I will get in my bed directly to read them....I ordered them from much cheaper and no postage. Dazzling Knit, Modular Knit, Modular Magic and The knitters handy book of patterns by Ann Budd. The last book will probably be the favorite with the mittins and cap and easy things. ...and the book is spiral bound, nice.

I ordered four quilting books from! great prices and hardly any shipping...oh I think there is no shipping on this eigher..good deal..this one that came is all about circle quilting..called Circle Play and I had bought a special circle tool to make circles when I bought "Circle Around". I have another book to get to go along with these call "Wedgeworks" do you see why I don't have time to do any designing? These women are keeping me busy hahhahahaha

Oh, when I get ready to do my circle thing. I have ordered this neat gaget called the curve master to make perfect curves. I already have their zip and bind and stitch in the ditch tool...they are wonderful if you quilt a lot. With the zip binder set you no longer have to pin and with the stitch in the does it perfectly with the guides and stuff..

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