Sunday, January 29, 2006

I hope my neighbors don't hate me too much. Yesterday and half of today the woodcutters were here and they took out 5 trees. Hubby was so sad. He had planted two of those trees, 30 years ago. We had gone in the woods behind us (then) and rooted them up as babies. These were pine trees and the roots were breaking the sewer lines in our side of the yard and lifting up the street. After one big sewer bill we had decided to cut them down. Here's hubby so sad...oh he'll get over it.

Another pic of the damage and the other half is in the back. Son came by and said his friend will get most of it for his bonn fire and party in the woods...well that worked out. It was much cheaper doing it this way in fact a few thousand. I bargain real good hahahaha.....

Well now that all the main things are done around here that I have to supervise hahah...and I've gotten the fabric fusing and fabric painting out of my system. Its now time to finish a UFO. The Orange Peel by Karen Stone has been waiting. I had started it some months before I discovered Melody and everything went up in the air hahahaha. Anyway, I did have a very good start with it so it won't be long before you see a new project.

By this time you must all realize that I don't do any designing or teaching or puplishing anymore. At this stage of my life, I have adoped the attitude....if I see something that strikes my fancy...I go do it. The work has all been done. All I have to do is read and have fun. My stuff sells no matter who's idea it is hahahhaha....ain't I bad? That's not to say the design bug won't bite. It's just to say I'll do it when it does. Isn't retirement great?

Oh oH, do you know what I found out years ago? I found out that your best customers are your friends. yep!! That's because I have always had this motto...."busines is business"..(I learned that from my grandmother, who was a merchant. I used to work in the little grocery store that she raised us up on. ) I do my arithmatic and put a price on the item or in my price book. Anyone who comes by can look in the book or on the item and decide if they can afford it without telling anyone.

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