Friday, January 06, 2006

Wheeeeee....I finished the Melody's tulips. I started where I left off yersterday around 2.00 pm and finished 11.30 pm. I did the first tulip just like the pattern and then the me came in hahahhaha....I gotta do it my way. Melody wont' care. Here is the progression earlier as I worked. I can see where the red meets the purple is going to do something. I just don't know right now. I can feel it ..but I don't get it yet.

Here I got some more done. groundwork etc.

Here it is all done. Remember where the red met the purple on flower number 4 in the foreground? I need to adjust and extend the red shape...I knew it!! I added some fru, fru and confetti and basically kept the tulips down to three parts, except for the first one. I am real happy with it.

Here are all three Melody patterns. By Jove, I think I got it now!!!! I will take my time and decide how to quilt them on the long arm. I will probably use a verigated thread. I will post a pic of all three when I'm done with the quilting and binding etc...I really enjoyed doing these. As you can see, I did them one after the other. Not ususal for me lol. I used hand dyed fabric purchased from Melody. The only hand painted pieces are the sky pieces on the left in the tulip pattern. Those are from my stash that I painted.

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